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Why Do Babies Sweat?

Why do babies sweat so much?

That is the question I Googled several times during the first few months after our daughter was born. She would wake up from naps completely soaked and cranky and I really wanted to find a solution to minimize her sweating. Our pediatrician said that her sweating was normal and that most babies have a similar degree of sweating. But why do they sweat so much in the first place?

Sometimes babies are overbundled, which makes them hot and sweaty. Most baby clothes are made out of 100% cotton, which feels nice on your baby’s skin, but isn’t the most breathable fabric and does not wick away moisture from your baby’s skin. Especially when you baby is wearing a sleep sack or being swaddled on top of the cotton onesie or footed pajamas.

Also, during periods of very deep sleep some babies are prone to profuse sweating, to the point where they wake up completely drenched. This sweating can cut a nap short because feeling wet from the sweat is uncomfortable for your baby (or at least it did for us!).

A happy sleeping baby is worth a lot in our house, so we did quite a bit of searching for a clothing solution that would be more breathable and wicking than her cotton clothes. Surprisingly we didn't find many options that addressed this need. So, we decided to develop our own line of performance baby clothes specifically chosen to minimize a baby's sweat and all the discomfort that comes with being sweaty all the time. Since wearing her SweatyBaby onesies and using her new swaddle blanket, our baby has been waking up from her naps in dry clothes and much happier.

While uncommon, Hyperhidrosis and some heart conditions are medical condition that causes excessive sweating and you should see your pediatrician if you have any concerns about your baby’s sweating.


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