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Dressing your baby for bed in the winter



Our baby was born this time last year and she was small enough that she was swaddled all last winter for naps and bedtime. As the weather started to cool this fall we had to figure out what to dress her in for bedtime. She seemed to be too cold in just her long sleeve pajamas, but I didn't want to over bundle her, either. After doing a lot of research, and trying out a few options, I found a sleep sack that I absolutely LOVE. It is made by Vaenait Baby, a company that is based in Korea (I purchased mine on Amazon).

This sleep sack is really soft and is thicker than the other cotton sleep sacks we have, which is perfect for winter. I also like that our baby's feet are free so that she can stand and walk without tripping when playing in her crib (instead of sleeping...). Our SweatyBaby organic onesies work so well as a base layer under this wearable blanket and help your baby stay the perfect temperature all night long.

On cooler nights we throw on a pair of pajama pants with the onesie under the sleep sack and she seems very comfortable. She hasn't woken up sweaty once and I haven't felt that she's been too cold, either. I went searching for this sleep sack the other night at bedtime and found it in the laundry. I was crushed - I really love it that much! So I ordered a 2nd one to have as a backup.  

So, if you've been searching for the best way to dress your baby for bedtime this winter, look no further! You can't go wrong with the SweatyBaby breathable and moisture wicking onesies paired with the Vaenait Baby sleep sack.

For the record this is not a paid or solicited review. I purchased both of our sleep sacks from Vaenait Baby at regular price and they have no idea that I picked them as our own personal favorite sleep sack for winter.


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