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It's Winter - Why is my baby sweating?



When our daughter was an infant last winter we noticed that she started feeling sweaty after naps and in the morning when we got her out of her crib. It was puzzling since it was winter and the thermostat was set at a comfortable 70 degrees. We knew that over bundling would cause her to sweat, but she was only wearing footie pajamas and a sleep sack to bed. It took a while for us to figure out that she was sweating because her clothes were not breathable or moisture wicking. She would get hot, the clothes kept the heat in, she would sweat, she'd get cold and miserable, and then wake up grumpy. After changing out her sleeping clothes for our SweatyBaby organic bamboo baby onesies, we immediately noticed a difference.

These breathable bodysuits are moisture wicking and help babies keep a constant temperature, which helps reduce sweating. Some performance fabrics are full of nasty chemicals and can feel strange on your skin - our onesies are made out of 100% organic bamboo so they're extra soft and comfortable to wear for your baby's sensitive skin.

Help your baby start sleeping better and feeling more comfortable in their car seat today!


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Memorial Day Sale

Just in time for summer! Stock up on our signature SweatyBaby performance onesies this weekend and save 15% when you purchase 2 or more bodysuits. Just enter MEM15 at checkout.

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